Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD Oil is a by-product of hemp that can be pressed from the hemp plant or chemically extracted by soaking the fatty acids of the hemp stem in an oil base. The result is a product that is being researched for its many health benefits. Because CBD Oil comes from hemp and is completely distinct from the THC chemical, it has none of the psychoactive properties of marijuana. CBD Oil made from hemp is legal not only in the United States, but world-wide. Cani Bits CBD Oil comes from hemp grown naturally in Colorado, which is then naturally pressed to extract the oil before we put it into our heart-shaped snacks.

What are the key benefits of CBD-rich Cani Bits?

Because we are not Veterinarians, we cannot make any health claims about cannabinoids or the other natural ingredients in our products. All animals have an endocannabinoid system which regulates many homeostatic functions and can provide overall health and wellness. Some of these functions contribute to regulating metabolism, immune function, appetite, sleep and movement. Cani Bits are safe, nontoxic, and non-habit forming.

How long after giving a serving of Cani Bits until I see benefit?

Pet owners notice various lengths of time before they see benefit from CBD mini bites, usually between five minutes and an hour. Taking the time to observe your pet is important; you know your canine companion better than anyone else. If you don’t see a difference within an hour, give another 1/2 to a whole mini bite. There isn’t an amount that is too much, and every dog is different, so you can give your pet more as needed.

How much can I give at a time and in a day?

Every dog is different and requires different amounts of Cani Bits. Please use the recommended servings below as a starting point and adjust quantity and frequency from there. Cani Bits can be given at any time of the day and as frequently as needed. Each mini bite is made with 1mg CBD oil per mini bite.

- Dogs under 20 Lbs (9Kg) - 1 Mini Bite every 12 hours
- Dogs 21-44 Lbs (9.5-20Kg) - 2 Mini Bite every 12 hours
- Dogs 45-95 Lbs (20-43Kg) - 3 Mini Bite every 12 hours
- Dogs over 95 Lbs (43Kg) - 4 Mini Bite every 12 hours

Can my dog eat Cani Bits daily? And for years?

Yes. The CBD oil in Cani Bits is safe, nontoxic, and can be taken for any length of life.

Is it possible for my pet to overdose on Cani Bits and CBD? What if my dog accidentally eats the whole pack?

Cani Bits are safe and nontoxic. It is not possible to overdose on CBD of any of the ingredients found in our products. However, if you are worried about your pet accidentally eating a whole container, you may contact a health professional.

How should Cani Bits be stored?

Cani Bits should be stored in an airtight, sealed bag in a cool, dry place. To prolong shelf life, keep refrigerated. Freeze package if you are using Cani Bits many months after opening. Avoid storing in hot places like enclosed cars during the summer.

My dog won’t eat the treats but I think he/she could really benefit from the Cani Bits and CBD. What’s another delivery method?

You can try crumbling up the mini bites and using a bit of warm liquid poured on top. It will be easy to mash up and feed as is. Any liquid that your dog loves may be used. Another common method is to add the mixture to your dog’s food.

How long does one serving last?

One serving of Cani Bits will last between four and eight hours.

What is the shelf life of opened and unopened Cani Bits?

Because Cani Bits are preservative-free, proper storage is necessary to maintain freshness. The shelf life of unopened packages is 9 months. When opened and sealed in an airtight bag in the pantry, shelf life is 6 weeks. By refrigerating Cani Bits, you can prolong shelf life up to 3 months, and if kept in the freezer, Cani Bits will maintain their freshness for 2 years.

Are there any adverse side effects of using Cani Bits and CBD?

Customers and veterinarians using our product have never reported negative side effects or adverse effects.

Can my dog take Cani Bits with other medications?

Veterinarians and customers have not reported any contraindications.

Is there any chance my dog will get “high” from Cani Bits and/or CBD?

No. Cani Bits does not contain THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that induces the sensation of being “high”, nor does it contain any cannabis. CBD is a chemical that is completely distinguished from THC and does not cause any “high” whatsoever.

What temperature are Cani Bits baked at?

We bake Cani Bits at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does heating the CBD make it inert or less effective?

No. Heating below 400 degrees Fahrenheit has no effect on CBD.

How do cannabinoids work in the body?

Your pet has natural messenger cannabinoids called anandamide that stimulate receptors present in their brain and throughout the body. The cannabinoids in cannabis attach to the same receptors and have a longer and more potent effect than anandamide.

Can cats eat Cani Bits and CBD?

Yes. Cani Bits are safe for any animal with an endocannabinoid system, which means all animals except for insects. For cats, we recommend crumbling the treat into small pieces and giving on its own or with food.

Where are Cani Bits made?

Our Mini Bites are made in small batches in Chicago.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. Please “Contact Us” through the link at the top or bottom of this page.